Jessica Akerman is a visual artist living in east London. Her practice centres around drawing, as a process of recording, exploring materials and making gestures. It includes installation, sound and sculpture. Materials vary from veneer, playdough and cuir bouilli to graphite powder, song and mud.

She has a fascination for landscape and the world of work, particularly the way local history records it. This might be down to the fact she studied the industrial revolution in history year after year to the detriment of all else; shares a birthplace with the industrial revolution itself - Ironbridge, and then  moved to Bradford, a town which has suffered economically and socially from the demise of its industries. Much of her practice explores the tools and processes, social, environmental and industrial experience of working lives, in particular those of women. How does work connect and define us as individuals and communities? How is our relationship to work and place expressed physically and culturally? How and why do we work?